dr hab. Filip Elżanowski, Attorney

Managing Partner

A legal advisor, assistant professor at the University of Warsaw, and the recipient of many prestigious awards. Highly experienced in managing acquisition processes and corporate governance, specializing in building enterprise value, and managing regulatory risks on the European market. An investor with over fifteen years of experience in the edu-tech, robotics, art, real estate, healthcare technology, financial instruments, and food-tech sectors. For Filip as an investor, it is paramount for the businesses he is involved in to develop in harmony with the environment, for example by preserving our clean water sources. In addition to his work as an investor, Filip is also a well established expert in top-level advisory in law and finance with extensive experience in executive and non-executive supervisory roles for private and institutional funds dealing with real estate, construction, infrastructure, transport, energy, finance, ITC, healthcare technology, robotics, education, and art. A Chief Visionary Officer by passion, he is responsible for building our development vision and designing the tools necessary for it to be implemented. Filip has been affiliated with the Edu Tech Fund, Veloxalpha, MS TFI, Adiuvo, Kyosan, MUFG, Toshi Capital, 101projekt, The Varso Tower, PKO BP, Alior Bank, Skanska, Alstom, Bombardier, Skoda, LOT Polish Airlines, PGE, PKN Orlen. Outside of work, Filip enjoys surfing, downhill cycling, plant medicine, and the history of the twentieth century, as well as keeping up with global trends.


  • energy law and railway law
  • administrative law
  • M&A  
  • PE/VC 
  • commercial disputes 

All Partners:

Wojciech Jaworski, LL.M. Attorney Anna Kucińska Attorney Marek Kowalski Dr. Fabian Elżanowski, LL.M.  dr hab. Filip Elżanowski, Attorney