Small modular reactors and the future of nuclear energy in Poland – interview with Dr. (hab.) Filip Elżanowski

Climate change and rising CO2 emission prices lead companies to look for alternative energy sources. In June, Orlen and Synthos signed a cooperation agreement concerning the development and implementation of small modular reactors (SMR). A similar agreement was also signed by KGHM and American companies NuScale Power LLC and PBE Molecule.

We would like to encourage you to listen to a TOK FM radio program with Dr. (hab.) Filip Elżanowski, managing partner of Elżanowski & Partners Law Firm in which he discussed the SMR technology and the future of the atom in Poland.,KGHM-zawarla-porozumienie-z-Amerykanami-w-sprawie-budowy-malych-reaktorow-jadrowych
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