Railway Law

We provide comprehensive services for companies from the broadly defined railway industry, including railway carriers, railway operators, producers of fleet and elements of infrastructure, subjects responsible for the maintenance and other subjects operating in this sector.

We represent clients in the proceedings before the Chairman of the Office of Rail Transportation and  European Railway Agency concerning in particular: 

  • proceedings concerning obtaining permits placing railway vehicles on the market and certificates authorizing types for operation;
  • the ERTMS pre-authorisation,
  • authorisations for placing in service of structural subsystems
  • granting derogations from the application of technical specifications for interoperability (TSIs),
  • certificates for placing in service of types of vehicles, structures and equipment
  • single safety certificates,
  • safety authorisations,
  • safety certificates,
  • ECM certificates,
  • proceedings regarding obtaining licenses, safety licenses, certificates and authorizations, including the single safety certificate;
  • control proceedings.

We advise on matters related to the EU regulations and investment processes in the railway transport sector. We also represent our clients before other administrative bodies and before courts (including the Consumer and Competition Court).

We provide ongoing legal services for railway companies. We prepare legal memoranda, road maps for proceedings focused on railway law and related issues; we analyze agreements and prepare contracts for businesses. We conduct audits and prepare projects of safety management systems or regulations for work of sidings. 

We represent our clients in cooperation with notified certification and audit units, designated bodies, inspection bodies (CSM RA), and authorized entities, as well as in audit proceedings and cases related to sanctions imposed by the public administration bodies.

We draft and review contracts of purchase, leasing, or charter of means of transport and their equipment as well as contracts of freight forwarding, transport, access to infrastructure, and other.

We advise on railway-related legal disputes.

We advise on the regulatory aspects of M&A transactions. We conduct legal audits of business entities from the railway sector.

Experience highlights:

  • comprehensive legal services covering a number of processes involved in the placement of railway products, types of railway vehicles, and structural subsystems on the market;
  • obtaining over one hundred permits placing railway vehicles on the market via the One Stop Shop (OSS) managed by the European Railway Agency;
  • ongoing legal support for the biggest producers of trains and elements of infrastructure operating on the railway market in Poland;
  • legal support for the configuration management process in relation to changes introduced in the latest rolling stock currently operated in Poland.
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