Dr. Fabian Elżanowski participated in the debate ‘Business is shifting to sustainable paths – i.e. transformation in the spirit of ESG’ which took place as part of the ‘CSR – Responsible Business in Poland’ series carried out by Rzeczpospolita daily

Dr. Fabian Elżanowski – a Partner leading our M&A and Corporate practice – was invited to contribute his expertise to the discussion on issues related to business transformation within the framework of ESG.

Throughout the debate, Dr. Elżanowski underscored that ESG regulations are designed to form a cohesive and comprehensive system, impacting businesses of all sizes, including small, medium, and large enterprises, across their value chains, financing, investment opportunities, and marketing strategies towards customers. For SMEs, ESG regulations represent both a risk and an opportunity. While they pose challenges, they also offer a chance to establish a competitive edge over those SMEs that struggle to address these requirements.

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